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Selfie Drawings Through the Years

A selection of “Selfie” drawings – not in any particular order, they span 46 years from 1974 to 2020!

Nice fluid strokes in this three quarters view. The artist didn’t need to wear glasses constantly at that time.

Oh! What a surprise! Quite different from the usual intense look!

The old “brush-in-the-mouth” pose…

Looking over the glasses…

A small speed sketch in felt pen

A definite “owlish” look in this one…

A scratchy style – like chiselled rock…

Early watercolour featuring an Aran sweater

Hairy, but friendly?

Long hair, full on

An intimate feel to this one…

Quick sketch – deep shadow on one side

Reflection in a tea-cup!

Pastels are rare in David’s work, this full frontal pose dates from 1987…

Coming right up to date, David created this new selfie on his tablet using a digital art app for drawing and a camera app to give a live image to “eyeball”…


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