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Lockdown Paintings

“Dandy Man” (below) shows its provenance by its interlocking “jigsaw” pieces. Just two stripey shapes remain to symbolise the link to paintings such as “Candy Man”. Here David abandons outlines in favour of texture and contrasty colour and dapply effects…

“Touching” follows hot on its heels and even recycles the paper used to blot and stipple the shapes in “Dandy Man” – literally cutting and pasting them as collage elements. Shapes are arranged to “touch” corners, creating new negative shapes inbetween. The fun thing is to switch between the positive and the negative, which sets up a playful tension and a suggestion of movement.

Changing tack completely, “Out of the Blue” opens up into a deep turquoise-blue space. Multitudes of pen strokes imply armies of people on the move and/or proliferating organic growth. Meanwhile, icey horizons and grey misty effects drift across the distant vista…

Whilst the high keyed “Aspire” does feature a spire-like shape, it could equally be read as a pathway climbing into the distant snowstorm of marks. Other passages skirt round the edges – some look hopeful, but to the right a stoney profile watches ominously….

“Dancing on Pixels” is a lighthearted romp. Spikey shapes link arms for their skittish dance. They float over a tumbledown fence which marks the limit of a pixelated field

“I Can Fly!” is the joyful exclamation of the light blue dragon and bird. Freed from gravity, they have fled the woods and the streams to soar over the streetlit landscape.

“Broken Bridge” speaks of clouds, rippling water and sand. Light blue shapes suggest ethereal flight, broken monoliths some ancient ruined bridge, and below a beached fish-like form made up of shimmering scales…

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