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Japanese Watercolours

Kuretaki Gansai Tambi actually! Don’t worry, that’s just the trade name of the watercolour set!! When David received a gift of this gorgeous paint set, he just had to explore….

Unlike their Western equivalent, these come in lovely large pans – perfect for dipping one’s brush into – and also feature some unusual colour choices. Consistency is creamy smooth, with a coverage similar to gouache – meaning more opaque – unless thinned down a lot with water.

So much for the paints – what about the paintings?

“Lobsteresque” (featured image and below), plugs straight into a couple of those mysterious Eastern colour choices – a sharp, cool light green and a rich scarlet. On the left is the lobsteresque shape (on a snakeskin background – why not?), centre stage is an angry piece of bark or tree, and on the right some subtle, tasteful washes.

“Portal” (below) divides roughly into three. On the left, floating in an inky blue area, there are various elements – including a spongey octopussy-like shape. In a corresponding deep purple area on the right, a chinless bespectacled head looks out over the twin domes to a gliding bird or plane in the brightly lit centre. The flying shape has an eye and seems to be looking back at us through the ‘portal’. It also has a hat, which could be important…



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